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Welcome to the Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Venturing (JEBV)

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In the ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship, knowledge is the currency of progress. We invite you to embark on a journey of discovery and innovation with the Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Venturing, your gateway to cutting-edge research, visionary perspectives, and the entrepreneurial spirit. We are not just a journal; we are the beacon of entrepreneurial excellence.

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Review process: Double Blind

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Mission of the Journal

At the core of our journal's mission is a deep commitment to illuminate the path of entrepreneurship, empower researchers, and inspire entrepreneurial action. We provide a platform for pioneering research, insightful perspectives, and inspiring stories that propel entrepreneurship forward. We are not content with mere observation; we catalyze innovation, drive change, and impact the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Venturing, published annually, signifies our commitment to quality and thoroughness. Each edition is a testament to meticulous curation and rigorous research. We uphold the highest standards of academic rigor through a double-blind peer-review process. This ensures impartial evaluation, objective critique, and the publication of only the most exceptional research. Our journal is an open-access haven for all researchers, globally accessible and freely available. We believe in democratizing knowledge to spark innovation and empower change-makers.

Types of Manuscript and Authorship Criteria

Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Venturing (JEBV) will publish the Original Research Manuscript. All listed authors must have made substantial intellectual contributions to the research and writing of the manuscript. Authors must have participated in the drafting and critical revision of the manuscript and have given their final approval for publication. All authors must be able to take public responsibility for the content of the manuscript. The order of authors should be based on their individual contributions, and all authors should agree on the order before submission. The journal will not consider multiple submissions and redundant publications.

Focus Areas and Disciplines

The Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Venturing is a dynamic platform covering a vast array of disciplines within the realm of entrepreneurship, including but not limited to:

  • Startup and venture creation
  • Innovation and technology entrepreneurship
  • Social and sustainable entrepreneurship
  • International and cross-cultural entrepreneurship
  • Corporate entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial finance and venture capital
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems and policy
  • Small business management and growth strategies
  • Entrepreneurship education and development
  • Entrepreneurship and family businesses
  • Profit maximization in business
  • Entrepreneurial marketing
  • Real estate entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial economics
  • Entrepreneurial networks
  • Entrepreneurial risk and reward
  • Women entrepreneurs