The Role of Metaverse in Women Entrepreneurship and Economic Complexity: Evidence from Pakistan


  • Zahid Hussain Department of Business Administration, Khadim Hussain Shah Institute of Technology, Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Arman khan Putra Business School, University of Putra Malaysia, Malaysia.



Metaverse, Women Empowerment, Startups, Gender Equality, Pakistan


The present paper investigates the effects of metaverse on Pakistani women’s economic complexity and entrepreneurship. The data collect from 150 respondents from Karachi, which is technological and economical hub of Pakistan. The results of this paper shows that metaverse is surprisingly effect on women’s entrepreneurship & enables them to surpass traditional gender equalities. Women’s can participate actively in economical activities and overcome the social and economical issues in the metaverse era through their entrepreneurship initiatives or activities. According to the results, women’s participates in metaverse can promote not only gender equality but also contribute in economical activities in Pakistan. Notwithstanding, the results also find that women’s entrepreneurs still for several economical and social issues in the Pakistan. The results provide recommendations that it is encouraging for collaborative initiatives to overcome these social and economical issues in Pakistan, and make a entrepreneurship-based environment in Pakistan for several genders. The present results find out that metaverse have several potential to boost and improve the women entrepreneurs. The results showed that metaverse technologies changes the perceptions related to the women entrepreneurship and business, while acknowledge that, it is transformative experience for sheltering gender standards. The conclusion demonstrates that metaverse enhance women entrepreneurship and economical complexity, and provide many opportunities that encourages their advantages for empowering women’s and overcome their societal and economical issues. In the end, metaverse can help women’s entrepreneurship and economical complexities in Pakistan and enhance long-term and short-term gender equalities in Pakistan. At the end, the present paper provide suggestions for stakeholders, policy makers and also related for further research directions.




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Zahid Hussain, & Arman khan. (2024). The Role of Metaverse in Women Entrepreneurship and Economic Complexity: Evidence from Pakistan. Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Venturing, 4(1).